Bad Money + Perishable Theatre

A new play by Meg Miroshnik is happening in Providence, RI.
Performances start Feb 20th.

This poster design is great. Bold colors. Striking image.
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Post-race America...

Murphy Brown + Aretha Franklin, 1991

A baby boomer's dream. Candice Bergen is REALLY enjoying this...


oooo la la

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A 10 Grand click

I'd like to meet the hustler who'd buy this lil' toy in our economic crisis:

Leica M8.2 Safari Edition. 10.3 megapixel. Limited edition 500 count.

I'm not a huge fan of the Leica look, but I love the olive green color. I also must admit the craftsmanship is nicey nice.

Travel here to place your order.

Fakin the Funk - Main Source

1992....? Holy smokes!



Field of Plays

Well, not exactly, but things are bubbling in playwriting land. The next few months are gonna be crazy busy. Lots of simultaneous hustling:

DRIP will go up at Crowded Fire in San Francisco in November.

Inked Baby starts rehearsals in a few weeks.

I'm starting a new play. Started research a few days ago and will start fleshing it out this coming week. It will be a play chock full of risks...I'm pushing myself to go against my instincts as a storyteller.

Tackling a new bake-off spurred from Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost. I'll attempt to write a comedy. Yes, yes. We'll see how that goes.

Re-visiting GLO for Africa Trilogy. Don't anticipate too much work on that. It's just a matter of specifying language.


Obama bling

530a crowd to the capital:

Obama bling:

Folks waitin in the cold

Our new president speaks:



I'm in DC. Spent the morning in the cold with 2 million people from all over the country, the world. I wasn't close enough to see who stood at the podium without the aid of the jumbo-tron, but I could see the capital.

I cried when I watched Obama walk down the hall, captured in this image:

I cried during the swearing in and will most likely cry during the first dance.


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I'll post photos in a few days.


Free bass

I'm not into heavy metal, but I like a good beat no matter what the style is.

Chris Adler is a damn good beat man. He plays two kick drums and utilizes the heel and the toe of both feet to double/triple/quadruple up the bass hits. It's kinda incredible.


I know this isn't anything new for some people, but I STILL get creeped out when I watch this four-legged robot trot along and regain its footing when it slips or is kicked.

The two sets of legs look human. The back set walks foward while the front set walks backwards. This thing is a delicate balance of life-like and something's-not-quite-right movement that equals scary. (And the slow-motion replays don't help much either).



Not so much a good thing...

Lil' Wayne did an interview for GQ. Photos courtesy of Mr. Terry Richardson.

I'm not liking the images. Weezy looks good in the thermal, jeans and sneakers, but the whole shirtless I-got-a-lot-of-tattoos thing is too much. (He looks a lil icky.) Not to mention the drugged up gaze...

His photographic doppelganger made it look way more inviting...

But I still gotta love the Weezy swagger.


Blacktop Sky + Black Rep

A bit of goodness to offer:

I have a reading tonight at the Black Rep in Providence. They're reading Blacktop Sky a little play I wrote this summer. Three characters, lots of props, lots of fight choreography, yay...

First Look Reading Series presents:
Blacktop Sky by Christina Anderson
The Providence Black Repertory
Jan. 12; 7pm.
$5 admission; free with student I.D.

This post is actual a plug for the theater more than my play. Black Rep is a great and generous space, and, like so many other theaters in the country, is facing hard times in this period of financial woe.

Keep good theater, good people, good artists, good art in your lives. Support 'em!


ooo la la

This isn't the prettiest colorway, but I think they'd be a nice shoe on a special occasion.


One iphone and a microphone...

RjDj is an iphone application that creates music samples with the screech of a drunk person in the club or the rumble of a garbage truck outside.

This thing is cool. Not sure if it works as well as the demo shows, but I'd love to try it out.