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Oh, and here are some cute sneakers:

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Ummm, good thing I'm taking a blog break...

Because I have a lot to say about this whackness...

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Grace Jones & Rick James

This is a clip from the 1983 Grammys. Rick and Grace are handing out the awards for Best Male and Female R&B vocal performance.

1. I'm struck by how almost every single song is still a great R&B hit 20+ years later.
2. It's so weird to know that Marvin, Rick and Luther are no long with us.
3. Grace Jones and Rick are clearly high.
4. I think it's hilarious when Rick says, "Stevie, you should see this hat, man."
5. It's so startling, at least to me, how soft spoken and polite Marvin is...


Black chick taking it to the NEXT level

I posted about Janelle Monae way back in the day, and I'm glad she's still on the grind. Diddy got a hold of her and signed her with BadBoy. She's cracking the scene open and steady looking fierce. I am a lil upset Atlanta's claiming her. She's from my neighborhood in Kansas City!

I DON'T like YouTube videos shot on camera phones, but I think this clip captures the pure rawness and Andre3000-ness that Monae possesses. I mean, what other Black chick you know who's willing to take it all up and out into the atmosphere like this:

And WHO is her stylist?! I think the clothes, the hair--everything is HOT.

Check out her other song "Time Will Reveal." So pretty!


Lil Wayne - A Mili

1.Can I say I love that Weez is rockin' light blue skinny jeans?
2.Why are those skinny white girls he passes bouncing like dudes in a strip club?
3.I also love it that he can kill it without a hypeman jumping up and down behind him.
4.He finishes the song while running to his tour bus...probably needed to sip more of that drank. Detox, Mr. Carter.


Post 'em if ya got 'em...or not.

So I think I should announce an official slow down at the blog.
I'm SWAMPED with stuff that needs to get done. Deadlines are on the horizon. I have to write, re-write, then write some more in the coming weeks. Oh, I also have to move all my stuff 104 miles south.

It sucks because I have a few interesting things to discuss here, but I can't devote the time.

So....posts will slow down until August 4th. Expect random pictures or videos every once and a while, but other than that we're (well, really it's just me) on a blogging vacay.